Nolan's Big Boy 'Do

See what happens when Grandma takes you to get a haircut? Looks cute, but Mom's glad to see his locks are already growing back.
More summer fun! Here's Nolan with cousin Jacee at an Anaheim Hills community event. The two got to sit in a helicopter, have their heartbeats check in an ambulance and pet the police horses. All that and fireman hats!

Easter 2010

Not to be outdone by any other kid my age, I managed two Easter Egg hunts this year (although I really didn't know what they were). Both were spent with my cousin, Jacee. We first hit the park where there were tons of boys and girls rushing for candy. I didn't get my share, but no worries because Jacee and I got our faces painted, pet some farm animals and rode a fire truck. It was also my first time in a Jumpee. Holy cow! That thing is nuts.

On Easter Sunday, my aunt Jeanne and uncle Cory hid some eggs and Jacee and I were able to find them in their backyard. Grandma Judy and Daddy helped me find the pretty eggs that my Mommy plans to make into some kind of salad. Ewww!

A Day in My Life

Time flies. Nolan is already 20 months—and smarter than his parents. In his spare time, Nolan likes to (from top) drive Dakota crazy, practice horticulture, hug Elmo, experiment with his new bubble machine, look cute, hang with cousin Zoe and Daddy in Arizona for New Years, look cute some more, party at Disneyland with Daddy and talk on the phone to whoever will listen.

What a Christmas!!

I'm tuckered out! All the excitement, the gifts, the food. I didn't know what to do. I am so blessed to have my family and friends who got me some cool presents. From the Elmo plane (thanks Grandma) to the books to help me read, I am fortunate to have these as part of my play day. Although the Tigger that rolls over that Dad got me is a bit freaky.

Xmas Eve at Grandma's house was a blast, hanging out with my cousins, aunts and uncles. I even got to stay up past my bedtime, waiting for Santa Claus. On Christmas, we got to host at my house and Grandpa helped me and cousin Jacee put together a gingerbread house.

I'm running around now, giving my Mom fits. I love to talk, but still am babbling and saying just a couple of words. Hard to sit still when there is so much to get into. Thank you all for making my second Xmas so much fun.

Halloween 2009

Nolan is enjoying outings like a trip to the pumpkin patch more these days. Channeling his dad's infamous Pooh costume, Nolan stepped out for trick or treating with his cousin Jacee, dressed as Cinderella, and her cooky family.

What a Life

What a busy summer. Grandma Jude rented a beach house on Balboa Island, and a boat for my mom's birthday. Made a quick trip or two to the cabin at Big Bear and just this weekend, we headed to Parker for a Yarnovich weekend at the Baumann's estate.